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Aftermarket sales offer maximum value recovery of your technology assets. Wholesale markets around the globe give secondhand wireless devices and IT equipment a second or even third chance for reuse.

Elite got its start in the wholesale trade of wireless devices before expanding into the multifaceted servicer it has grown into today. We understand the intricacies of international trade and have developed sales channels around the world to supply emerging markets and developed nations alike. By leveraging historic data and having a keen understanding of forecasting in a volatile secondary market, Elite can remarket your products for the most value with the quickest turnaround. We have insights beyond just basic supply and demand and use sophisticated data modeling that helps us determine which markets are best fits for certain products. In turn, we utilize our vast network of regional distributors, traders, and retailers to liquidate the inventory at hand. We adhere to all US export control laws and regulations to ensure the compliance of both our customers and our company. All devices sold out of our facility come with a certificate of data destruction and are logged in our serialized tracking inventory system for referencing at any point after the sale.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We are certified by Orion Registrar, Inc. for R2 and ISO.

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