With the lack of transparency in the procurement of enterprise mobility and IT equipment comes the risk of interrupting business continuity. Elite works closely with purchasers and suppliers alike to keep operations functional.

Purchasers at any organization are faced with an uphill battle when it comes to deciding the equipment needed for their various lines of business. The requirements per department can be vastly different so having a keen understanding of the technical capability can become complex. Couple that with the top-down pressure of obtaining these devices at the lowest possible price and the result becomes inadvertently costly. We have direct access to many of the world’s largest manufacturers so not only are we able to provide our customers with low cost products, but we are also able to expedite these orders to your location(s). Elite sources for many different verticals; no matter if you are a healthcare provider, financial institution, government entity, or a device insurance provider. Prior to actively sourcing products for our customers, our first objective is to fully understand the scope of their business and the requirements needed of the new technology assets. Once that is understood, Elite will help you develop a winning procurement strategy.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We are certified by Orion Registrar, Inc. for R2 and ISO.

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