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Not all recycling is created equally. Here at Elite, our goal is not only to keep used devices out of landfills but also to recover the maximum value of these electronics.

We perform end-to-end electronics recycling and tailor our approach to your needs, no matter if it’s a small-quantity order or if it’s tens of thousands of devices. We provide e-waste and IT recycling for businesses of all sizes and we help globally recognized OEMs improve their brand protection through documented collections and witnessed destructions. Elite’s e-recycling is trusted by our customers in healthcare, government, finance, and education to ensure they remain compliant within their organization and their industry. We collect computers, networking and telecommunications devices, consumer electronics, as well as office IT equipment. Don’t settle for just any downstream recycler because choosing the wrong vendor can be costly and will put your company at risk. We go the distance to familiarize our self with your local jurisdiction’s bylaws for e-recycling and abide by product specific exporting laws. With the rise of data security and the known environment impact of electronics, risk mitigation is paramount for our customers and for us.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We are certified by Orion Registrar, Inc. for R2 and ISO.

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