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E-recycling is only one part of a proper IT asset management plan. In today’s landscape, you need to partner with a vendor that provides a comprehensive approach to technology assets.

IT asset disposition (ITAD), IT asset recovery, and IT asset management. These terms are frequently misused but understanding the difference ensures the protection of personally identifiable information. The retiring of company-owned assets, such as employee-issues devices or office IT equipment, typically go through one of two paths– remarket or recycle. Elite is here to help you with either route. After decommissioning and data wiping the devices at your location, we pack the assets and transport them to our facility for full processing. All devices are logged through a serialized inventory tracking system that categorizes attributes such as condition and age of the device that will decide if it will ultimately be scrapped or remarketed. In either case, a certificate of data destruction is provided per device and financial settlements of resold assets may also be provided. With ever-tightening regulations, it is imperative to choose a provider that understands how to manage the potential risks along with the equipment.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We are certified by Orion Registrar, Inc. for R2 and ISO.

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