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Our reverse logistics is the foundation for all of our services. We simplify the movement of your technology assets by focusing on secure transportation and minimized costs.

Returned consumer electronics, decommissioned corporate IT, or devices poised for remarketing; Elite has the ability to move your products to their next stage in the device lifecycle. Our reverse logistics solution is not one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your unique business need and devise an actionable plan to fulfill that need. Whether you are in need of disposition, remarketing, or repair and refurbishing, we provide a secure chain-of-custody the moment any of your assets leave your facility. We treat your products as our own and understand that transportation damage not only hurts resale values but more importantly, trust. We properly pack and palletize any shipment ready for transit and can even provide the necessary shipping supplies and train your staff on best packing practices if your goal is to cut down on turnaround time. While we welcome a collaborative approach with our customers, some focus materials such as batteries, CRT monitors, and hard drives containing sensitive information will require handling by Elite personnel only.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We are certified by Orion Registrar, Inc. for R2 and ISO.

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