Electronics Recycling

Not all recycling is created equally. Here at Elite, our goal is not only to keep used devices out of landfills but also to recover the maximum value of these electronics.

We perform end-to-end electronics recycling and tailor our approach to your needs, no matter if it’s a small-quantity order or if it’s tens of thousands of devices. We provide e-waste and IT recycling for businesses of all sizes and we help globally recognized OEMs improve their brand protection through documented collections and witnessed destructions. Elite’s e-recycling is trusted by our customers in healthcare, government, finance, and education to ensure they remain compliant within their organization and their industry. We collect computers, networking and telecommunications devices, consumer electronics, as well as office IT equipment. Don’t settle for just any downstream recycler because choosing the wrong vendor can be costly and will put your company at risk. We go the distance to familiarize our self with your local jurisdiction’s bylaws for e-recycling and abide by product specific exporting laws. With the rise of data security and the known environment impact of electronics, risk mitigation is paramount for our customers and for us.

IT Asset Management

E-recycling is only one part of a proper IT asset management plan. In today’s landscape, you need to partner with a vendor that provides a comprehensive approach to technology assets.

IT asset disposition (ITAD), IT asset recovery, and IT asset management. These terms are frequently misused but understanding the difference ensures the protection of personally identifiable information. The retiring of company-owned assets, such as employee-issues devices or office IT equipment, typically go through one of two paths– remarket or recycle. Elite is here to help you with either route. After decommissioning and data wiping the devices at your location, we pack the assets and transport them to our facility for full processing. All devices are logged through a serialized inventory tracking system that categorizes attributes such as condition and age of the device that will decide if it will ultimately be scrapped or remarketed. In either case, a certificate of data destruction is provided per device and financial settlements of resold assets may also be provided. With ever-tightening regulations, it is imperative to choose a provider that understands how to manage the potential risks along with the equipment.


With the lack of transparency in the procurement of enterprise mobility and IT equipment comes the risk of interrupting business continuity. Elite works closely with purchasers and suppliers alike to keep operations functional.

Purchasers at any organization are faced with an uphill battle when it comes to deciding the equipment needed for their various lines of business. The requirements per department can be vastly different so having a keen understanding of the technical capability can become complex. Couple that with the top-down pressure of obtaining these devices at the lowest possible price and the result becomes inadvertently costly. We have direct access to many of the world’s largest manufacturers so not only are we able to provide our customers with low cost products, but we are also able to expedite these orders to your location(s). Elite sources for many different verticals; no matter if you are a healthcare provider, financial institution, government entity, or a device insurance provider. Prior to actively sourcing products for our customers, our first objective is to fully understand the scope of their business and the requirements needed of the new technology assets. Once that is understood, Elite will help you develop a winning procurement strategy.

Repair & Refurbishment

Elite is committed to the environment. When it is viable, we do our part in keeping used electronics out of landfills by extending the device lifecycle through repairs and refurbishment.

Our tailored approach to repairing used electronic devices fits the various needs of our customers. We work with organizations to redeploy any equipment that needs adding, removal, or replacement of parts. We also contract with other reverse logistics providers that need refurbishing of a high-volume of customer returned items. No matter your role in the electronics supply chain and no matter your need for repairs, count on Elite to revive your wireless or IT products back to OEM specifications. We have board-level technicians experienced in Apple, Samsung, LG, and many other world-leading consumer electronics and IT brands. Elite is also trusted by some of the leading providers of device insurance companies to provide expedited repairs for warranty claims that is also cost-effective. Our Dallas-based facility ensures coast-to-coast coverage with as little as a one-day turnaround for most projects. Elite sources OEM replacement parts or approved “OEM-spec” parts for all of its repair and refurbishment. This ensures customer or employee confidence that the high-quality devices you provide them are representative of your brand.

Reverse Logistics

Our reverse logistics is the foundation for all of our services. We simplify the movement of your technology assets by focusing on secure transportation and minimized costs.

Returned consumer electronics, decommissioned corporate IT, or devices poised for remarketing; Elite has the ability to move your products to their next stage in the device lifecycle. Our reverse logistics solution is not one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your unique business need and devise an actionable plan to fulfill that need. Whether you are in need of disposition, remarketing, or repair and refurbishing, we provide a secure chain-of-custody the moment any of your assets leave your facility. We treat your products as our own and understand that transportation damage not only hurts resale values but more importantly, trust. We properly pack and palletize any shipment ready for transit and can even provide the necessary shipping supplies and train your staff on best packing practices if your goal is to cut down on turnaround time. While we welcome a collaborative approach with our customers, some focus materials such as batteries, CRT monitors, and hard drives containing sensitive information will require handling by Elite personnel only.

Wholesale Trade

Aftermarket sales offer maximum value recovery of your technology assets. Wholesale markets around the globe give secondhand wireless devices and IT equipment a second or even third chance for reuse.

Elite got its start in the wholesale trade of wireless devices before expanding into the multifaceted servicer it has grown into today. We understand the intricacies of international trade and have developed sales channels around the world to supply emerging markets and developed nations alike. By leveraging historic data and having a keen understanding of forecasting in a volatile secondary market, Elite can remarket your products for the most value with the quickest turnaround. We have insights beyond just basic supply and demand and use sophisticated data modeling that helps us determine which markets are best fits for certain products. In turn, we utilize our vast network of regional distributors, traders, and retailers to liquidate the inventory at hand. We adhere to all US export control laws and regulations to ensure the compliance of both our customers and our company. All devices sold out of our facility come with a certificate of data destruction and are logged in our serialized tracking inventory system for referencing at any point after the sale.

Flexible solutions

We deliver solutions, no matter how unique the requirement is.

Comprehensive reports

We keep you compliant in both the corporate and legal aspect.

High performance

We e-recycle hundreds of thousands of devices annually.

Certified facility

We maintain our annual R2-certification and ISO-registration.

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